A Thriller Day

Today, Jan 22nd 2014, me with my mom and sister are going to Bangkok. Yeah, despite Bangkok was declared on state of emergency since last night until next 60 days. Actually, I didn’t think the demo would be huge nor would be any bomb and gun shoot again. So, you can called me nekad for my trip now. But I always pray to God, we will be okay until we come back to Malang.

Before I left Malang today, I had 7 days on duty everyday which is 7-10h per day. And since 3 days ago, my duty is always hectic, busy, so many new patient, many normal delivery, many caesarian operation and high care patients. When my duty is finished, I felt so tired so exhausted. Then it caused my preparation going to Bangkok little bit neglected. I did my check in via web yesterday without checked my name and others. That was the start for a little disaster this morning.

When I woke up, I turned on my phone and got an email. My boarding pass. I opened it then I realized that my mother’s name on boarding is different with her name me on passport. I put my father’s name as her last name. Crap! Her name is single word. I was panic at the moment. I’m afraid she couldn’t fly because of that. Oh my, I’m a stupid person.

I started my day with call the AA custumer care and hope they can solve my problem. But she said she can’t change my mom’s boarding pass cause it has already entered to their system and couldn’t be opened again.
My mom almost surrendered and decided she won’t join me to have a trip. I’m a mess. I cried. So confused how to solve that problem.

So I’m going to Surabaya earlier. Hope the AA crew on Juanda airport can help me. At the front sales office, I tell my problem but they can’t help me. They couldn’t open the system, so they suggested me to tell the problem when I drop my baggage. And here we go,,,

I told the lady in front of me that I was wrong put my mother’s last name. She called her friend via walkie-talkie then she said that she can release my mom boarding ticket cause the data that I’ve entered when checked in same as the data on passport. I asked her, ‘how about in immigration? Can she pass with that?’.
‘I can’t define it.’
‘Then when I drop my baggage in Bangkok and they check her passport, can she pass it like here?’
She answered the same. I hope there wouldn’t problem when enter immigration. *finger cross*

Magically, the officer in immigration didn’t checked my mother’s boarding pass. He just put the stamp, departure from Juanda. Alhamdulillah.
Aaak, my mom can fly with me. I feel so happy happy happy.

And when we arrived at Don Mueang Airport, the process in immigration is so easy. Not much questions from the officer cause we already fill the form for non thai resident. Of course that makes me feel free of worry.

I hope this trip will be an amazing one.


Hello Bangkok!

Good night everyone πŸ™‚

*This is my first english post. Many demerit here, please do not laugh when you find any mistakes. Just tell me the right one. Hehehe. Thank you*


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